DUO Light Bar

From: WAC Lighting

WAC Lighting’s DUO AC 120-Volt LED Light Bar with Color Option utilizes a nearly 100% efficient reflector – the light from the LED sources within the body is diffused inside the mixing chamber in order to create evenly distributed illumination. The luminaire allows the user to alternate the color temperature from 2700K to 3000K, depending on application and user preferences. The Light Bar installs easily and directly mounts to surfaces, including cabinets, shelves and other display and utilitarian spaces. This LED luminaire is ideal for illuminating heat sensitive perishables and color sensitive apparel and collectibles, notes the firm. The luminaire dims down using an electronic low voltage dimmer (ELV) or TRIAC dimmer. With just a 1″ profile, the Light Bar features multiple knockouts for ease of wiring. Crafted of extruded aluminum for optimal thermal management, it is offered in three architectural finishes including bronze, brushed aluminum and white. The luminaire is available in five sizes, ranging from the 8″ 6-watt model delivering 330 lumens to the 30″ model using 17.5 watts and deploying 1095 lumens.

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