Cooker as Art

From: Cooker as Art

To celebrate its 110th anniversary, La Cornue has entered into an unprecedented worldwide collaboration with famed French street artist Kongo to transform six of its cookers into works of art. Kongo transposed his language and signature graphics onto the cooker enamel to create the pieces, which feature striking colors, various thicknesses of enamel produced through several stages of firing, and graphics using a stylus pen. To highlight the unique, limited nature of this collaboration, each cooker bears the artist’s signature on the left-hand brand plate, with the year 2018 is inscribed on the right-hand plate. The La Cornue Chateau 150 with black chrome finish and exclusive black chrome burners acted as the canvas, with a dummy back panel enabling an island layout. Each piece incorporates colors to match the region it represents, with the Middle East, Paris, Australia, Europe, USA and Asia (shown) all represented.


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