Origami-Inspired Tile

From: Lunada Bay Tile

Origami, the Japanese art of geometric paper folding, is the inspiration for Lunada Bay Tile’s Origami Field, a collection of glass field tile featuring opalescent coloring and three-dimensional shapes. Origami Field comes in six shapes, each with a pattern that emerges both visually and dimensionally. Moxie (shown) resembles unfolded origami; Verve has a narrow wave pattern that reflects light; Trapeze expands outward from the surface in a slanted square form; Lacuna was designed to bow inward like a folded leaf. Two linear options – Elation and Ambit, are also included. Each of the tiles is available in nine colors in a pearl finish: Crystal, Latte, Bancha, Clear, Aqua Blue, Cottage Blue, Silver, Java Blue and Midnight Black. 

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