American Muscle Grill

From: Summerset Professional Grills

The American Muscle Grill (AMG), inspired by the iconic Mustang ’66 Shelby GT350 car, offers design and function that emulate the power and styling of a timeless “muscle” car, according to manufacturer Summerset Professional Grills. The AMG has the ability to burn different fuels individually or simultaneously, and users can select wood chunks, lump coal, charcoal, pellet fuels, infrared, propane or natural gas. Fashioned from #304 stainless steel, the grill features solid brass flame-thrower igniters, hand-crafted reversible V-shaped grates that provide added control over heat-transfer, and a patented Multi-Fuel Tray System. The AMG is available in both a freestanding or built-in model. The 36″ unit is stacked with 110,000 BTUs, while the 54″ unit offers 176,000 BTUs.


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