Accessories Minimize Kitchen Clutter

Today’s hottest kitchen accessories are all about clearing the clutter, whether that clutter involves small appliances, charging cords or cabinet interiors. Indeed, organizational accessories are an increasingly important component of the kitchen, as consumers continue to balance their love of gadgets with their desire for a clean and streamlined space.

Charging stations and wire management are increasingly part of the kitchen, while shelf supports and multifaceted kitchen sink stations offer added convenience and storage. Luxury accessories ranging from floor warming systems to countertop underlighting to living plant walls are also gaining attention.

Below are some of the hottest trends in kitchen accessories right now.

–Clean and clutter free are the hottest buzzwords in the kitchen today, and to get that streamlined look, good organizational accessories are a must. That means storage accessories that pull down, out or up and around to maximize cabinet space and accessories, appliance garages on countertops and simple small item storage solutions like magnetic knife blocks.

–Storage accessories are increasingly being personalized for how the homeowners use their space, with customized drawer inserts, movable pegs, sinks with roll-away drying mats and more.

–Specialty lighting is playing a growing role in the kitchen, whether to enhance visual access to cabinet contents, provide mood lighting via an underlit countertop or even provide “growing light” for a plant wall.

— Power hubs are turning up in unexpected places: in countertops, inside drawers and cabinets or on the sides of islands.

–There’s also a growing interest in technology that’s built into the kitchen, from wire management accessories to cabinets that have speakers or even tablets incorporated into the design.

–Pull-out waste bins have evolved into full recycling units that allow for easy sorting of glass, paper, cans, etc., with some including sophisticated composting options.

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