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While kitchen appliances have not yet reached the functionality of those featured in classic television animated series The Jetsons, they inch closer every day. Intuitive controls, voice commands, built-in cameras and WiFi connectivity to the outside world and each other are all featured in the latest products for prep, cooking and cleaning up.

Promoting ease of use for the busy family, smart appliances are changing the way homeowners interact with their appliances. From offering assistance in meal prep, to notifying the user when they’re running low on something – and placing an order for it, to enabling software upgrades on existing models, today’s connected appliances deliver satisfaction on a whole new level.

Following are just a few of the latest trends at the forefront of smart appliance design.

  • Apps on smart devices, such as a phone or tablet, can be used to control and monitor appliances, including preheating ovens and monitoring cooking, as well as viewing refrigerator interiors while food shopping.
  • WiFi connectivity now allows companies to monitor appliances and send software updates to enhance functionality, such as adding options like air fry to an oven, meaning appliances will be updated on a regular basis to deliver trending features.
  • Remote diagnostics and monitoring allow appliances to not only detect problems with internal functions, but send reports to service personnel who can then diagnose performance issues and send parts and repair options.
  • Related appliances can now communicate with each other to provide optimal service, such as the washer that messages the dryer about the clothing being washed so it can adjust to the proper settings.
  • Some of today’s smart appliances are designed to react to what is happening in real time and adjust controls accordingly, such as refrigerators that deliver an extra cold burst for a short period of time so freshly stored groceries can cool down quickly.
  • A selection of smart cooking appliances can scan packages and adjust cooking times and temperatures based on the information embedded in the coding, and connect online to recipe services that can deliver messages to the oven for temperature settings and time elements.


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