Artaic Relocates to Historic Boston Area

by Anita Shaw

BOSTON, MA – Artaic will open the doors to its new state-of-the-art headquarters at the Schrafft City Center next month. Designed by Silverman Trykowski Associates, Inc. and developed by the Flatley Company, the first-floor, newly remodeled space takes a modern approach to the historic atmosphere of the Charleston area of Boston.

“The commercial real estate market right now in Boston provided a great opportunity for Artaic to consider a change, and develop a new location fully customized to the needs of the company we’ve become,” comments Ted Acworth, CEO and founder of Artaic. “The space includes plenty of room to continue to grow in alignment with a changing workforce model, allowing our team to flourish more now than ever before.”

The fresh location celebrates Artaic’s own mosaic art installations, with six large columns clad in mosaic tile central to the space and visible across the Schrafft City Center Campus. The installations include some of Artaic’s most popular designs from the Flourish and Naturally Refined collections, as well as Storytime from the brand’s new GLYPH collection, a design concept that allows for custom icons to convey meaning and tell a detailed narrative. In this case, the feature column will convey Artaic’s brand story through graphic icons that underscore the company’s core culture and the manufacturing processes for which they are known.

The Charlestown location is fully customized for a more efficient production flow while providing additional space to cater to Artaic’s expanding team. Equipped for growth, the new space, which was once a candy factory, is inclusive of an on-site warehouse for Artaic’s tile inventory, which will further speed the production process for fulfilling orders, including the field tile that accompanies the brand’s signature feature mosaics.


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