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Bath Accessories Spotlight Eclectic Style

While the vanity and bath fixtures may be the most noticeably defining elements in a bath remodel, the accessories are the fine details that help to polish the look and tie everything together. But unlike in years past when everything had to match, today’s hottest looks incorporate an eclectic mix of colors, materials and finishes to help to create bath spaces that exude personality.
Transitional styling continues to impact bath accessories, with clean lines and soft, rounded edges in vogue right now. However, contemporary styling, Art Deco designs and vintage looks are also seeing a renewal of interest. And, a bit of bling is adding a touch of glamor to the bath.
From a functional standpoint, multi-purpose accessories and space-saving products are hot, along with stylish products that address the need to age in place.
Below are some of the hottest trends in bath accessories right now.
— The “matchy-match” look has been replaced with a new, non-restrictive aesthetic that sees bath accessories blending styles, materials and finishes to create a more personalized look.
— Space-saving accessories are in high demand, as are those that do double-duty, such as a grab bar that doubles as a shelf.
— The mixed finish trend, which is making inroads in faucet design, is also being seen in accessories, with more accessories incorporating two-tone looks, such as black and white, chrome or nickel with black matte or graphite, or even metals with teak wood accents.
— Minimalistic design and simple geometric shapes continue to be the trend, and bath accessories are following suit, with both soft, rounded edges and and cool, contemporary angles seeing interest.
— Although clean and classic styling remains a strong trend, a bit of bling is making its way into the bath, with accessories that feature metallic accents or crystal to add a bit of glamour.
— Universal Design continues to play a role in the bath accessories market, as aging baby boomers look for designer products that also help them to age in place.

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