Bath Faucets Go Modern

Simple, modern styles and warm minimalism are the hottest things in bath faucet design right now, with dramatic sharp angles, mix-and-match finishes and water-efficient performance all trending upward. While functionality and durability are important, bath faucets are increasingly being used to make a personalized style statement as well.

Gold has gotten a contemporary update, while Industrial Modern and Modern Rustic designs are also impacting bath faucets, driving interest in contrasting finishes and lots of textural interest.

Below are some of the hottest trends in bath faucets right now.

— Bath faucet design, like bathroom design overall, continues to move toward transitional and modern design, which means sharper angles and simpler detailing.

— Classic finishes like polished chrome, brushed nickel and satin nickel continue to be hot sellers, but matte black, rose gold and brushed brass are also making inroads.

— Popular faucet styles include compact two-handle faucets on 4″ centers, as well as 8″ widespread faucets for more luxe bath spaces.

— Faucets with rich, textured finishes are also growing in popularity, especially in luxury spaces.

— A move away from having all the fixtures perfectly coordinated has opened the door for experimenting, with more designers combining different finishes and textures to personalize their baths.

— Water-efficient performance is increasingly desired in bath faucets, particularly in parts of the country where water conservation is of paramount concern.

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