Bath Faucets Spotlight ‘Less is More’ Simplicity

When it comes to the bath, “less is more” continues to be a driving trend, with bath faucets favoring clean lines and simple elegance. But while minimalism is hot, a growing array of finishes and mixed finishes add pizzazz to the bath, while technology also plays a key role in enhancing functionality.

Below are some of the hottest trends in bath faucets right now.

–As consumers continue to view the bath as a refuge, there’s a growing demand for faucets that feature clean, simple designs, bringing a calming, uncluttered effect to the bathroom.

–While faucet designs may be clean and simple, new innovations are being seen in placement, including wall-mounted faucets, sometimes installed on an angle to showcase the flow of the water as a design element.

–Classic finishes and like chrome and matte black are still hot, but new finishes are showing legs, including matte white, rose gold, black stainless, champagne gold, brass and a pewter/gunmetal shade that some think could be “the new matte black.” Mixed metal finishes are also becoming more mainstream.

–Technology is increasingly impacting bath faucets, with smart faucets, motion- or touch-control features, voice-activated faucets, internet-connected products, leak detectors, water conservation features and more.

–3D printing is also allowing homeowners to experience water in new and unique ways, allowing the flow of the water to make a design statement all its own.

–In the master bath, two-handle faucets with high-arc spouts continue to be popular for their ability to make everyday tasks easier, where in powder rooms, there’s more interest in trendy faucets that push the boundaries.

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