Beauty & Power

by Anita Shaw

Beauty and power drive today’s multifunctional ventilation units, with styles that range from clean and seamless to glittering focal points featuring Swarovski crystal accents and everything in between.

Quiet operation continues to be a hot selling point, even as the newest units offer increased power and functionality. In the bathroom, the latest ventilation products spotlight improved moisture control and sensor technology, while kitchen ventilation often combines lighting, Bluetooth streaming music, push-button hideaway controls and more.

Below are some of the hottest trends in ventilation right now.

–Ventilation hoods are increasingly acting as design focal points for the kitchen, often paired with an eye-catching backsplash for maximum visual effect.

–Aesthetically speaking, trends are all over the map, with materials ranging from dark, rustic woods to clear glass to metals ranging from hammered copper to shiny chrome to powder coated custom colored stainless steel.

–Matte black stainless steel is a hot trend right now, along with custom designed hoods that coordinate with other appliances in the kitchen.

–New technology is allowing for quieter operation in both the kitchen and the bath, while sensor technology keeps getting smarter, helping to clear the air while also saving energy.

–Downdrafts and ceiling-flush fans are trending right now.

–LEDs are increasingly being incorporated into ventilation, providing greater energy efficiency, while smart phone-controlled fans that allow for remote operation are also seeing increased interest.


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