Big & Bold Vanities

While there are a number of fixtures that can act as the focal point in today’s bath designs, one of the most popular is the bath vanity. With its range of sizes, materials, color choices, sinks and hardware, the vanity can be customized to deliver a design statement that is as unique as the homeowner.

Demand for larger, even oversized, vanities is growing, with some options now reaching 84” wide. While white and gray remain popular vanity shades, black, bold blues and many other hues are being incorporated into spaces. Transitional and contemporary styles that sport clean lines are the most popular styles, and the inclusion of clever storage is a given.

Featured are some of the latest styles in bath vanities.

• While streamlined looks continue to trend, modern farmhouse styles, textural elements and material combinations are all on the rise.

• Storage remains a significant driver, with clever drawer options, pullouts for accessibility, built-in wastebaskets, roll-out trays and open shelving garnering interest.

• Statement vanities – in size, style and color – are being used to personalize spaces and act as a dramatic focal point in the room.

• Muted, subtle wood tones are finding their way into the bath, with textural and reclaimed or aged wood finishes garnering particular attention.

• Trends like wellness and aging-in-place are affecting design, with more floating vanities and easy-to-clean surfaces being introduced.

• Technology has entered the vanity arena, with electrical outlets, USB ports, interior LED lighting and even refrigeration all viable options for customization.

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