Blowing Smoke

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As environmental concerns and the parallel trend toward wellness increasingly take the spotlight in kitchen and bath design, indoor air quality becomes more important than ever.

In the kitchen, that means choosing ventilation that’s powerful enough to remove smoke, odors and potentially harmful VOCs from the air, while balancing the need for energy efficiency, and the desire to keep the heart of the home quiet enough for family meals, homework, conversation, computer tasks, phone calls and all the myriad functions that take place in today’s kitchens. Additionally, kitchen ventilation is increasingly functioning as sculpture or artwork, with aesthetics playing a larger role than ever in today’s streamlined kitchens.

In the bath, quiet is also a concern in order to maintain the peaceful sanctuary that consumers desire, yet removing moisture remains critical to keeping this wet space free of mold and mildew. Adding lighting elements adds a multifunctional benefit perfect for simpler designs and smaller spaces.

Fortunately, today’s ventilation manufacturers aren’t just blowing smoke. Rather, they are focusing on creating ventilation products that are stylishly designed in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs and materials, while offering improved energy efficiency, quieter operation and better air quality.

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