Bold Basins

The design of a bathroom is very dependent upon the type of bath it is and how it will be used. While the master bathroom is all about creating a spa-like oasis for the homeowner, the guest bath is more about function and basic comfort. The boldest design choices are often saved for the powder room, where guests are treated to a more personalized “wow” factor.

The sinks chosen for these individual baths are as diverse as the rooms themselves, and the selection available to designers to help deliver the desired aesthetic is seemingly infinite. Moldable materials are being used to create shapes and styles only matched by one’s imagination. While colors abound, the gravitation toward contemporary geometric shapes and clean, minimalist looks has also resulted in a resurgence in white.

Below are some of the latest trends in bath sinks.

• With the interest in personalizing the bath space, sinks that deliver a customized style continue to catch the eye, especially for the powder room.

• Colors, pattern and texture are sought after in the bath right now, and the offering in both vessel and undermount sinks styles is representative of the trend.

• There is a rising interest in rectangular trough sinks with hidden drains that make a dramatic statement, often in earthy of darker colors.

• Unconventional materials, such as solid surface, proprietary resins, fireclay, glass and concrete mixes allow for more organic shapes.

• Shallow and flat-bottomed sinks, especially in softened rectangular forms, are garnering interest.

• In addition to white, color is making a splash in the bath, from pastel shades all the way to deep purples, navy and black.

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