by FDSadmin
  • Challenges are looming in the months ahead, as rising costs, supply chain delays and anticipated interest rate hikes counteract high remodeling and construction demand, housing …

  • Market Posts Gains in Face of Challenges

    by Tracy Hegg

    Robust demand is fueling continued growth in residential remodeling and housing, even as supply chain disruptions, inflation, limited inventory and labor shortages that limit the …

  • That Human Touch

    by Autumn McGarr

    Though the exact dates vary, for a majority of the kitchen and bath industry, spring of 2020 marked a mass exodus from the office or …

  • Despite Challenges, 2021 Posts Key Gains

    by Autumn McGarr

    Despite a series of pandemic-related challenges, 2021 finished the year with strong gains for most housing and residential remodeling indicators, amid forecasts for additional growth …

  • AI is Changing the Renovation Approach

    by Autumn McGarr

    Whether referring to design renderings, home automation or the process of doing business, there is no question that technology is playing an increasingly important role …


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