Buying Group Launches Scholarship Program

AURORA, OH — Luxury Products Group, the Aurora, OH-based organization with close ties to the kitchen and bath market, has established a scholarship fund for students pursuing higher education at colleges, universities or vocational schools.

“There has been a dramatic decline in the number of tradespeople in the U.S., particularly plumbers,” the organization said. “More than half of America’s trade professionals are at or nearing retirement age [while] the majority of high schools began discontinuing their ‘shop’ classes a decade ago. Teenagers are not being exposed to the opportunities available for a skilled trade workforce, and the opportunities are ripe,” stated LPG Executive Director Jeff MacDowell.

LPG said its LPG-Hawkins Endowment Fund – brainchild of David Hawkins, of David Hawkins Design Group – will award an inaugural scholarship of $500 at the organization’s 2020 Expo. Applicants must be in the immediate household family of members, vendors and their employees, must demonstrate a proven interest in the decorative bath and kitchen industry, and intend to remain in the industry following completion of their post-secondary education.

“This is important for our future,” Hawkins said. “My goal is that this generates communication between LPG members, their employees and families about career opportunities in the construction industry. We also hope that members and vendors will join in contributing to the fund. As it grows, we will be able to fund the scholarships from dividends it generates without touching the principal. We hope to build a fund that is large enough to support multiple scholarships annually in the years to come.”

Luxury Products Group was created as a buying group by Omni Corporate Services Ltd. in 2009. It is currently a vertical category within IMARK Plumbing.

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