Cabinet Doors Deliver Soft Texture And Natural Wood Appearance

Beautiful. Durable. Personal. These are among the buzzwords of today’s kitchen designs.

With the introduction of REHAU’s RAUVISIO terra™ kitchen cabinet doors, words like Distinctive, Textural and Affordable can be added to this list.

RAUVISIO terra™ doors are fashioned using High Pressure Laminate (HPL), the strongest laminate on the market. Unlike the thinner melamine, which bonds a resin and paper finish to a compressed wood particle core, HPL is several layers of paper applied to a composite core with high pressure to seal and secure the bond between the core and the laminate material. The HPL is used on both sides of the door and then sealed with REHAU LaserEdge™, a two-layer, adhesive-free edgeband that welds to the carrier board, resulting in a seam-free bond. This technique makes the door significantly more durable than melamine, which is subject to chipping and warping when exposed to moisture.

As a result of REHAU’s production process, RAUVISIO terra™ is highly resistant to scratches, impact, chemicals, heat, moisture and UV damage, which can result in fading and discoloration. The anti-static surface also resists dust, and is easily cleaned with common household products.

What truly sets RAUVISIO terra™ apart, however, is its unique look and feel. The HPL allows for a more authentic and deeper embossing texture, which is used to achieve the look of elegantly weathered wood surfaces that are soft to the touch – a feature not usually found in a laminate.

The doors are currently available in six colors in mixtures of maples, rift-grain and grey-wash, inspired by reclaimed wood, in both five-piece shaker and slab styles. Additional colors and styles are in development.


Providing a subtle shift from the white cabinets that dominate the market, kitchen designers are now incorporating shades of grey, greyed brown and taupe for a fresher, more up-to-date look. These hues work well with the soft, muted colors and neutral pastels that are trending due to their calming effects.

The refined and earthy-toned cabinets also complement other current design elements – especially metals such as copper and updated tones of brass and gold. Neutrals add warmth, and also provide freedom to use bolder colors in islands, tiles and appliances.

In addition to providing a warm alternative to the starkness of white, the wood looks of RAUVISIO terra™ also speak to the rising desire for two-toned kitchens, offering a balancing element to rich accents in a transitional setting or to high-gloss finishes for a more contemporary, fresh aesthetic.

RAUVISIO terra is also at home in two of the hottest trending styles – midcentury modern and Nordic design. The simplistic lines and unfussy elements of both require a cabinet that is clean yet sophisticated – something seen in RAUVISIO terra’s slab and shaker door styles.


“REHAU wanted to provide a product that would meet the texture trend, but with a distinctive twist,” stresses Jesse Collins, marketing manager with REHAU’s furniture solutions division. “RAUVISIO terra is that product – offering beauty, durability, texture and a style all its own.”

Bringing nature inside remains an enduring trend for the home – especially in kitchens, which often open up to the outside yard. Natural interior elements help homeowners disconnect from the hectic pace and high-tech world where they spend their days. Textured elements are a reflection of nature.

Textures add depth and interest to a room, and layering a variety of textures is gaining in popularity. In fact, many designers agree that creating variation of texture is as important to today’s designs as color choice. Texture can be used to set the tone of the design, and can also help create a focal point.

Textured laminates can add a warm element, and provide a touch of luxury without the high cost associated with natural pieces. In addition, textured laminates can replicate wood, including distressed and weathered looks, yet provide the benefit of being resistant to scratches and staining. They are also more environmentally friendly, since they are not fashioned from a solid piece of wood.

The RAUVISIO terra™ line provides the weathered wood looks that work so well in a range of designs – from industrial to rustic to contemporary.

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