Clearing the Air

by Anita Shaw

Today’s newest ventilation options are truly super models: smart, beautiful and multi-talented, able to act as a glamorous standout, or blend seamlessly into the design to let the rest of the space take center stage.

Multifunctional units now incorporate LED lighting, dimming, Bluetooth streaming capabilities and more, while a wealth of gorgeous materials create kitchen focal points that double as artwork.

In the bathroom, ventilation spotlights quiet operation, improved sensor operation and enhanced moisture control.

Below are some of the hottest trends in ventilation right now.

–In the kitchen, designer looks are redefining ventilation, with products that incorporate everything from the shimmer of glass or the texture of hammered copper to the glamor of lacquer or the sparkle of cleverly embedded Swarovski crystals.

–Visually lighter materials like glass are being used to create ventilation that mimics art, while bold colors and striking metallic looks are also on the rise.

–While ventilation can provide a striking focal point, at the other end of the spectrum, seamlessly integrated ventilation is also trending, with low-profile units that disappear into the ceiling to maintain a clean look in the space, or pop-up units that appear at the press of a button and then disappear when not in use.

–Sensor-driven ventilation continues to get smarter, with the ability to turn itself on and off as needed, at just the power level needed to remove smoke, cooking odors or moisture.

–As kitchens continue to trend toward open floor plans, ventilation technology keeps getting quieter.

–Multifunctional ventilation units are seeing increased interest, including those that incorporate LED lighting and Bluetooth capabilities.

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