Colorful Kitchens

As consumers slowly emerge from the unsettling experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, things that provide a sense of calm and wellbeing are at the core of what’s trending. An increased interest in soothing, nature-based tones is fueled by the desire for something comfortable and a connection to the familiar.

In contrast, however, being cooped up in the home has led to a desire to break free from the norm. While nature-based neutrals are leading the way, pops of color are adding fresh updates to interior spaces.

Nowhere is this more true than in the kitchen, where white, neutral and dark-toned cabinets are being paired with bright appliances and tile to add a spark to the overall space. There are also colors for those who only want to dip their toe in the water, with a rich array of muted blues, greens and grays that, while not quite bold, are anything but ordinary.

Among the leading trends in appliance colors are:

• Various versions of black stainless steel are still hot, delivering an updated feel to ordinary stainless.

• Matte finishes – especially matte black – are showing up in all appliances, as people gravitate toward all things less shiny.

• Pantone’s Colors of the Year – Illuminating and Ultimate Gray – have been translated to a range of kitchen appliances.

• Blue continues its strong presence in the kitchen, with updated shades being introduced for everything from appliances to cabinetry to tile.

• Metal trim options in bolder tones such as brass and copper are increasing in popularity and demand.

• Customization is key, with multiple companies offering anywhere from several colors to thousands, as well as custom options that can match any color or pattern.


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