Colorful Water Stations

by Anita Shaw

Adding a pop of color to the kitchen is trending in a major way, as is adding ultimate function via appliances, cabinet inserts and even water stations. Faucets that can be controlled by voice or movement are becoming staples, and sinks that offer multi-functionality are in increasing demand.

Today’s kitchen sinks come in a range of colorful options to make a statement or enhance the overall design. They also function as the workhorses of the space, often accommodating a range of accessories to make food prep and entertaining a breeze.

Current sink designs deliver a range of looks, from sleek stainless undermounts to adorned and curved apron fronts. Metallic finishes are also statement makers, whether fused onto acrylic designs or handcrafted from copper and brass.

Some of the key trends in kitchen sinks:

• Workstations continue to gain momentum, with the latest styles including cutting boards that fit neatly in the sink to create additional countertop space when needed.

• Shades of black as well as white are rivaling stainless steel for position, in both matte and glossy finishes.

• Bolder colors such as navy blue, red, green and yellow are also gaining ground, providing a pop of color to white and gray design schemes.

• Accessories are becoming important add ons, going beyond the colander and cutting board to include strainers, drying racks and a host of other options.

• The range of sizes and configurations continues to expand, with compact sizes being designed for small kitchens and as secondary sinks, and extra-large and deep sinks providing ease of use for cleaning large pots and prep work.

• Metals besides stainless steel, such as brass and copper, are delivering distinctive looks, with hammered and living finishes – as well as rich and sparkling tones – making bold statements.

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