Coloring Outside the Lines

by Anita Shaw

While incorporating bolder colors on kitchen cabinets is a trend that is still in its early stages, adding a pop of color on an appliance – especially a range or ventilation hood – has been a design staple for some time. For homeowners who were adventurous enough to go beyond the stainless steel appliance/white cabinet combos that were popular for so long, including a richly colored appliance – such as red, green or blue – added a personalized focal point to the space.

Today’s appliance color offerings go way beyond the original jewel tones, however, ranging from the palest pastels to the sunniest brights to color-toned blacks. Pastels have joined the fray, as have multi-toned patterns and color-block combos. And, these colors are no longer found on just one appliance, but rather are featured on complete kitchen appliance suites. And, if a client wants that exact shade or pattern found in a curtain or wallpaper, that, too, can be replicated on appliances for a custom look.

Following are just a few of the color trends being seen on appliances right now.

  • Jewel tones have expanded beyond blue, green and red to include bold yellows, oranges, purples and burgundies, resulting in statement pieces that are the focal point of the space.
  • Pale green shades are the hottest rising colors, as reflected in many color of the year picks, due to their sense of calm and grounding.
  • While stainless steel is still a finish leader, variations of stainless – especially a wide range of black stainless steel surfaces – are drawing the eye toward something a little different.
  • Deep greens are being viewed by many designers as a new neutral, with tones taken from the natural world adding an organic feel to the space.
  • Custom shades and patterns are garnering attention as homeowners move away from resale value in favor of creating spaces that truly reflect their personal style.
  • Blues of every shade – from powdery pales to turquoise to cobalt – are garnering interest as the interest in bringing the outside in continues.


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