Cooking Appliances Get Connected

by Anita Shaw

Ever-increasing connectivity, specialized cooking capabilities and fashion-forward colors continue to drive cooking appliance trends, as a host of cooking shows help to inspire a new generation of home chefs.

Multifunctional appliances continue to gain ground, while the interest in a personalized cooking experience has prompted the growth of everything from steam ovens and sous-vide cookers to pizza ovens and outdoor kitchen appliances such as smokers and high-power BBQ grills.

Below are some of the hottest trends in cooking appliances right now.

–App-driven appliances are all the rage, not only for their convenience, but also for their ability to allow even a novice cook to produce gourmet meals using built-in menus and sensor technology that allows the user to program exact levels of doneness.

–Induction continues to gain acceptance, even among gourmet aficionados, while sous-vide cooking is also on the rise.

–As people increasingly seek out a personalized cooking experience, there’s a greater interest in specialty appliances that allow people to cook exactly the way they want, whether it’s speed ovens for those with limited time or a brick pizza oven for those who want a touch of Italy.

–A more health-conscious population is driving interest in healthier cooking options, which in turn drives interest in steam ovens, sous-vide cookers, etc.

–While stainless steel remains popular, there’s a growing interest in adding color to make a statement. Black, white and graphite grey are common alternative choices, but there’s also a growing interest in bold color choices for a focal point appliance, including red, orange, blue, deep navy and even yellow.

–Outdoor appliances are also seeing increased interest, including multifunctional grills and specialty cooking appliances ranging from smokers to wood-fired pizza ovens to teppanyaki grills.

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