Cooking Concepts

While interest in cooking at home was already skyrocketing, thanks – in part – to television cooking shows, access to online recipes and home delivery services of ready-to-prepare meals, this year’s pandemic has taken the concept of the home chef to a new level. Limited access to dining out and more time spent at home has resulted in people advancing their culinary skills…and looking to their cooking appliances to match their aspirations.

While gas has often been the preferred option for cooktops, induction is quickly gaining favor in many homes for its precision and control. New ranges boast larger oven capacities and dual-fuel options, with the latest modes of cooking including steam, convection and speed, among others.

Ease of use is also a must, with digital controls providing temperature set to within one degree, detailed recipes and step-by-step instructions for the perfect meal. Connectivity is gaining steam, as people become more aware of the capabilities of appliances communicating with each other for optimum performance as well as control through smart devices when out of the kitchen.

Following are some of the latest trends in cooking appliances according to KBDN:

• Multi-functionality is important when it comes to cooking appliances, with ovens that include air fry, steam, sous vide and speed, as well as ranges that include wok rings and griddles.

• Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming increasingly important to homeowners, as they realize the convenience of monitoring their appliances from other rooms and even outside the home, as well as the benefit of cooking appliances and ventilation that “talk” to each other.

• Color is entering the appliance world in a big way, with pro-style ranges and hoods often making a design statement in a bright hue.

• Smart cooking appliances can suggest recipes and provide detailed instructions to the user, meeting the increased demand for appliances that are intuitive and take the guess-work out of cooking.

• Professional-style ranges are being downsized to 36” and 30” sizes to provide chef results in smaller spaces.

• Though stainless remains the most popular finish, variations of the neutrality of stainless – such as graphite, gray and black stainless – continue to capture a segment of the market.

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