Cooking Goes Pro

by Anita Shaw

Gourmet cooking is back in vogue, so it’s no surprise that pro-style cooking appliances are all the rage. Today’s consumers are looking for cooking appliances that are responsive, flexible and intuitive, while also producing chef-quality cooking results.

Technology is becoming increasingly important, with demand for connectivity and features that increase performance and convenience, and this extends to specialty appliances that perform multiple functions from steam cooking to convection to air frying.

Color remains a growing trend, while flexible appliance sizes allow designers to personalize the cooking space to the needs of the client and the space.

Below are some of the hottest trends in cooking appliances right now.

–Gourmet cooking is all the rage, and as such, there’s a growing interest in pro-style features, including griddles, high-powered woks, French tops, sous vide and more.

–While the interest in cooking is driving the trend toward cooking appliances with pro capabilities, versatility, speed and convenience also remain high on consumers’ appliance wish list.

— Smart technology and wi-fi enabled products continue to grow, but many consumers still eschew tech for tech’s sake, instead seeking out performance features with tangible benefits, such as speedier cooking options, recipe libraries and guided cooking experiences that help provide greater consistency in cooking results.

–Color has been steadily gaining ground, with vibrant colors and even custom colors sharing the stage with classic stainless, black stainless, white, graphite and silver.

–The trend toward personalization has been driving interest in specialty appliances, from steam ovens, wood fired pizza ovens and woks to cooktops that incorporate sous vide and ovens that incorporate air frying capabilities.

–Healthy living continues to be a trend, driving interest in steam ovens, sous vide and other healthy cooking options.


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