Cooking in the Great Outdoors

Outdoor kitchens are increasingly mirroring their indoor counterparts, both in design details and in the wealth of appliances incorporated. As more consumers seek to create a full-featured entertainment space that offers an authentic cooking experience, outdoor kitchens become more stylish and sophisticated, with many choosing to personalize the cooking appliances to allow them to prepare everything from burgers to bacon and eggs to pizza and more.

Below are some of the hottest trends in outdoor appliances right now.

— While the grill remains the heart of the outdoor kitchen, specialty cooking appliances ranging from smokers to wood-fired pizza ovens to teppanyaki grills are also seeing increased interest.

— The integrated appliance look so popular in today’s indoor kitchens is also being seen in outdoor spaces, with many favoring appliance design that blends seamlessly into the outdoor space.

— In addition to cooking, consumers want clean up capabilities as well, which means more dishwashers are being incorporated into outdoor kitchen spaces, allowing the homeowner to start clean up without having to leave the guests.

— Flexible refrigeration is a priority, with everything from refrigerator drawers placed at the point of use to 15” units to larger units with multiple temperature zones for meat, veggies and drinks, including “quick chill” capabilities.

— A growing interest in wine is driving interest in specialty wine units, which offer more sophisticated designs that speak to the trend of more upscale outdoor entertaining.

— Ice makers are also seeing a surge of interest, with larger bar units and smaller countertop models offering an option for every size space.


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