[SPONSOR VIDEO] Delta Faucet Trinsic Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Installation w/the BILT app Copy

by Tim Steingraber

See how 3D interactive Intelligent Instructions® are revolutionizing the installation & assembly experience for consumers all over the world. BILT is now in 157 countries, helping premier brands provide perfect set up instructions for thousands of products.

The award-winning BILT app provides 3D interactive Intelligent Instructions® that are voice & text-guided. Beginning with a product overview, BILT includes tools required, parts included and gently directs the procedure step by step. Tap. Zoom. Rotate. Register the product. Track the warranty. Leave a product review. BILT has proven to increase star ratings & product registrations while reducing returns, calls to customer support, assembly time & errors. BILT empowers brands with analytics on each product. Manufacturers maintain control of their content; updates to instructions can be made in real time, so they’re never obsolete. Download the free BILT app today.

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