DXV Design Panel’s Rooms Revealed

PISCATAWAY, NJ — Held recently at the Agora Gallery in Manhattan, DXV’s 2018 Design Panel Reveal Party showcased inspirational, one-of-a-kind spaces using DXV products, created by this year’s panel of interior designers. This year’s theme, “Art Infusion,” explored the world of painting, sculpture, photography and design, taking inspiration from the shapes, color palettes and styles of four essential artistic movements: Classic Impressionism, Geometric Abstraction, the Mid-Century Sculpture Garden and Contemporary Photography.

The DXV 2018 Design Panel consisted of four teams, creating four distinctive bath vignettes.

Sally Wilson and John Kelsey, co-owners of Boston-based Wilson Kelsey Design, drew inspiration from “Classic Impressionism” (1890-1920). They infused the oval room with shapes inspired by water, lilies and other elements of nature. A large glass tile mosaic commands the room.

“Geometric Abstraction” (1920-1950) gave New York-based designer Alan Tanksley the challenge of working with a range of geometric shapes. Neutral tones on the wall provide a restful environment and provide a quiet backdrop to the dramatic geometrics of the floor tiles (see photo).

Jonathan Legate presented his take on “Mid-Century Sculpture Garden” (1950-1990), blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors with a living wall of ivy and water pools. The space is designed to reflect an art gallery, highlighting bright colors and bold shapes against minimalist white walls.

Finally, Laura Muller of Los Angeles-based Four Point Design Build was tasked with “Contemporary Photography” (1990-Today). Taking inspiration from the light and shadow technique in photography, Muller created a room that was designed to respond artfully as natural light moves throughout the day.

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