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  • Targeting the Great Outdoors

    by Autumn McGarr

    With the onset of warm weather, homeowners’ attention is increasingly turning to the Great Outdoors. So is the attention of savvy homebuilders, residential remodelers and …

  • Center Stage for Women in 2023

    by Tracy Hegg

    Sarah Robertson and Mary Maney have more than a few notable things in common. So do Henrietta Heisler, Emily Miller – and a slew of …

  • Vying for a Triple Bottom Line

    by Autumn McGarr

    There’s an enlightened new business model emerging within the residential design trade – and it posits that instead of a singular focus on financial returns, …

  • Staying Agile in Taxing Times

    by Autumn McGarr

    These are uniquely challenging times for the kitchen and bath design trade, with a once-in-a-lifetime confluence of COVID-related headwinds and robust demand forcing design pros …

  • Legacy of a Corporate Giant

    by Autumn McGarr

    The kitchen and bath industry lost a transformational leader and corporate giant last month with the passing, at age 83, of Kohler Co. Executive Chairman …


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