Fabulous Faucets Add Glamour to the Bath

Gone are the days of default faucets in the bath – designers and consumers are increasingly seeking stylish faucet designs that offer convenience, cleanability and even a bit of glamour.

The strong focus on details in bath design continues to put the spotlight on faucets, with matte black and gold finishes seeing increased interest, and new shapes evolving to help personalize the bath.

Below are some of the hottest trends in bath faucets right now.

-Bath faucets are increasingly becoming focal points in the design, with strong shapes, rich finishes and sometimes a little bit of “bling.”

-While the tried and true chrome, bronze and brushed nickel remain popular, new finishes are gaining ground, including matte black and gold. The black and gold combination is also quite popular, and darker finishes in general are also on the rise.

-Alternative faucet placements are also trending in the bath, with offset faucets and wall-mounted faucets leading the charge.

-New shapes from modern to organic are becoming more popular, with shapes evolving to mirror the flow of the water. Transitional modern faucets are also seeing interest, with strong, clean lines and angular turns trending.

-Practicality still reigns in bath faucets, with the ability to keep those new finishes clean being paramount. Designers continue to see a surge in aging-in place faucets that focus on incorporating easy lever handles for arthritic hands, or hands-free technology.

-Functionality and efficiency remain important trends, with temperature indicators and low-flow water conservation faucets seeing increased interest.


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