Faucet Finds

Most homeowners like to add touches to a design to reflect their personal style, and the bath is no exception – being a room for retreat or to make a bold statement. Artwork and collectibles have often been used as focal points in these spaces, as have stand-out products such as tubs and tile that add a sense of drama.

Lately, however, the lav faucet has begun demanding attention in its own right. Once just an afterthought in chrome or brushed nickel, today’s faucets boast not only an array of interesting finishes, but mixing of finishes and insets in handles and spouts.

Here are just a few of the latest trends in bath faucets.

• With a wide variety of finish options to choose from, clients can mix metals and finishes for distinctive, one-of-a-kind looks.

• Matte finishes, especially black, are hot right now, coordinating well with hardware and other elements in the design.

• Handle insets are sparking interest, showcasing everything from wood to crystal to semi-precious stones.

• The most popular faucet shapes are geometric-inspired, including a soft contemporary look of rounded curves and organic shapes.

• Mixing and matching spouts and handles from various collections is popular, as it allows clients to choose between cross handles, levers and other options for a more personalized look.

• Color is making a comeback in the bath, and powder-coating is delivering a range of bright options for the faucet.

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