Finishing Touches

by Anita Shaw

From shiny chrome to matte black, finishes of all types are helping decorative cabinet hardware make a statement in the kitchen and bath. Deep, rich tones, brilliant golds, and silvers from nickel to pewter elevate the look of cabinets and vanities in today’s homes.

Sizes are styles are also the focus, with T-bars, knobs, finger pulls, bar pulls and appliance pulls delivering coordinated looks throughout. From sleek, contemporary styles to gently curved silhouettes to intricate designs, decorative hardware selections offer the right look for any style.

Among the decorative hardware trends are:

  • Gold finishes of all kinds – from polished yellow tones to brushed rose golds – continue to catch the eye.
  • Mixed metals, especially the use of the combination of gold or silver tones with matte black, are making dramatic statements on cabinets.
  • Metals are not the only materials being used in decorative hardware, as glass, stone and leather are also being incorporated into designs.
  • Contemporary styles showcase sleek lines and strong, geometric edges.
  • Details such as knurling add an extra dimension to more simply styled pieces.
  • Matte black continues to gain ground on all styles of cabinet hardware.

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