Going with the Flow

While the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, the water station is at the center of that heart. Sink and faucet styles have evolved to meet every functional and aesthetic purpose that can be imagined, including changeable sink fronts and low-bowl divides, and color-infused faucets that respond to a range of operations.

In fact, today’s kitchen faucets showcase a range of finishes and functions that take food prep and cleanup to a new level. Dirty hands are no match for faucets that can be operated with a tap, hand wave or voice command. And metal finishes reach far beyond chrome and polished nickel, embracing gold and copper tones as well as matte black and a range of colors.

Some of the latest trends for kitchen faucets include:

• The variety of finishes, shapes and functions allow for personalization and customization to go with any design styles.

• Powder-coated colors are being applied to faucets to deliver a match for the latest colorful sinks.

• Home-connect systems allow homeowners to speak to their faucets, turning them on and off through voice commands and even getting exact measurements or hot/cold water via request.

• Mixed finishes are making major statements in the kitchen, with major focus being paid to matte black in combination with metals such as brushed gold and copper.

• Spray functions range from low-flow fine mists to full-sweep water shields for a range of cleaning options, many with water-saving delivery.

• Water filtration, carbonation and hot/cold water dispensing are all gaining in popularity, and the latest faucets deliver these options from a single tap.

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