GoldenHome Building North American Headquarters

CONCORD, NC — GoldenHome International Inc, a manufacturer of custom residential cabinet systems for customers worldwide, will establish its North American headquarters in the vicinity of Charlotte, NC, the company announced.

GoldenHome, a manufacturer of European-style and frameless cabinets, said it will begin building a 700,000- to 800,000-sq.-ft. plant on the site of the former 2,000-acre Philip Morris cigarette manufacturing property in Concord, NC. The $86-million facility will feature production, business operations, research and development, distribution, marketing, and training, the company said, adding that its investment will create 257 jobs over five years.

GoldenHome International Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Xiamen GoldenHome Co., Ltd. The publicly held company, based in Xiamen, China, provides high-end integrated kitchen cabinets and customized furnishings, including closet systems, vanity suites and interior doors. Employing a workforce of more than 4,000 worldwide, GoldenHome products are distributed and sold through 2,000 franchise stores around the world.

“As the leading brand of customized home furnishing in China, GoldenHome continues to set its foot in the North American market,” said Jianhuai Wen, chairman of Xiamen GoldenHome Co., Ltd. “During the COVID-19 epidemic, our company is firmly committed to its investment in North Carolina as a way of expressing our confidence in U.S. markets.

“I hope our products and services can better serve customers in the United States, making us into a recognized brand,” Wen added.

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