Grander Purposes

Long a staple in the bath for its waterproof nature, durability and cleanability, today’s tile is evolving toward grander purposes. The newest tile choices aren’t just about function; they’re about making a powerful style statement that personalizes the bath.

Part of tile’s popularity derives from its versatility: It can be used as a background to serve as a canvas for other elements of the bath, or act as a dramatic focal point. Tile can also add a bit of color, glamour, sparkle and texture to a room.

While large-format tile continues to be all the rage, accent tile can also add those all-important details, while grout can also add transform the look of tile, making it pop, or blend.

Below are some of the hottest trends in tile right now.

— Tile continues to gain interest for its virtually limitless array of patterns, colors, textures, shapes and sizes.

— Large-format tile – 12″x24″ or even 24″x24″ if space allows – remains a popular choice, in part because it minimizes grout lines, simplifying cleaning and providing the sleek, modern look that so many homeowners prefer.

— Classic and elongated subway tile is also trending in 4″x10″ or 3″x12″ sizes.

–With the continuing desire for texture, there’s been a growing interest in three-dimensional tile and tile that resembles natural materials such as wood and natural stone, offering a sense of visual texture.

— Cement looks are growing in popularity: One hot trend right now is designing with highly patterned encaustic cement tile.

— Grout is being used as a design element, with darker grout on white tile helping to make the tile pop, while white grout with white subway tile helps to provide a more uniform look and colored grout can add a fun and smart pop of color.


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