Hardware’s Dazzling Details

Often referred as the jewelry of the space, decorative hardware can add just the right amount of bling or that missing element that ties the room together. Current offerings include everything from sleek, shiny and streamlined to matte, mixed and detailed. Finishes run the gamut from shiny silver tones to deep blacks, and added touches such as glass and leather provide that little extra touch. And trends, such as the interest in nature-based design and cleanliness, are being reflected in the latest introductions.

And while functional hardware is engineered not to be seen, it is still noticeable when it comes to the success of the overall design. With today’s kitchens, especially, function is everything. Touch-to-open is gaining interest in this germ-conscious era, and quiet operation and ease of use are instrumental in completing dream spaces.

Following are just a few of the hottest trends in hardware.

• Mixed finishes and materials add interest and drama to rooms, and make decorative hardware stand out as accent pieces in the overall design.

• Ergonomics is growing in importance for hardware design, with many decorative pieces now featuring enhanced grip and comfort in the hand and functional hardware delivering easy access for the user.

• In the interest of convenience and a more germ-free, clean environment, electronic-assist hardware is seeing an increase in demand, allowing homeowners to open drawers with a light touch.

• Details such as knurling are making a strong statement in decorative hardware, adding interest to clean, streamlined designs.

• Silent- and soft-close as well as full extension are still important elements for homeowners in everything from cabinet doors and drawers to dishwashers and refrigerator bins.

• Matte and muted finishes are favored over high shine, delivering a more natural and earthy nature to rooms.


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