Inspired by Nature

by Anita Shaw

Today’s kitchen countertops come in a range of materials, with man-made materials being particularly popular due to their durability and cleanability. Surfaces – from quartz to porcelain to solid surface to metal and beyond – are making a statement in the kitchen.

Natural stone is inspiring many of the looks being seen in current offerings, with marble looks and granite patterns leading the way. Colors in tops are also becoming warmer as kitchen cabinet colors evolve from the cool grays to tones of blue and green as well as natural wood.

Following are some of the key trends being seen in kitchen countertops.

  • The look of natural stone continues to be in hot demand, as homeowners look to connect with nature and bring the outdoors in.
  • Homeowners are interested in low-maintenance surfaces that are chip, scratch and UV resistant.
  • Marble looks are in high demand, but veining colors are changing from cool grays to more warm tones of beige, taupe and gold.
  • Blue and green, popular colors in the kitchen right now, are being reflected in countertops – whether they’re in the veining of marbleized surfaces or saturating the overall slab.
  • Interest in antimicrobial properties is on the rise with the focus on health and wellness.
  • Textures are making a statement in a variety of elements in the kitchen – from cabinets and faucets to hardware and tile – and countertops are no exception, as clients want the sensory experience of touch.

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