John Starck

Head of family business touts community and industry involvement

As a member of the fourth generation to enter into the family business, John Starck Jr., president and CEO of Showcase Kitchens in Manhasset, NY, has elevated the 87-year-old company from a lumber/recycling business in Brooklyn to a top kitchen and bath design destination on Long Island.

Ahead of the curve, Starck has always embraced utilizing uncommon materials such as copper countertops, semi-precious stone, reclaimed wood and poured concrete. Taking full advantage of his recent tile showroom’s expansion (adjacent to Showcase Kitchens) as an Artistic Tile Titanium dealership, Starck’s clients enjoy the convenience of sourcing unique and eye-catching natural stone and the latest in surface materials.

Believing that giving back to the community is part of the responsibility of owning a successful business, Starck founded Designers and Builders Alliance of Long Island in 2013, uniting all trade professionals under one roof as “A Foundation Built on Giving.” The organization has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity, and Showcase Kitchens itself has donated over one million dollars to various charities.

Through the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Starck has achieved a double certification with its Guild of Professional Kitchen and Bath Planners (ACSD and PKBP). He is an active member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the Architectural Review Board for the Incorporated Village of Plandome Heights and Manhasset Chamber of Commerce. Starck is also a Sub-Zero “Best of the Best” Design Contest award recipient and recently won the CEO of the Year award from the International Association of Top Professionals.

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