Kitchen Cabinets Keep it Simple

Clean, straight lines, painted finishes in colors extending beyond just white and grey, Shaker-style doors and creative interiors that customize storage are all trending in kitchen cabinets today.

Simple, unadorned looks remain in vogue, with classic slab doors contributing to the clean lines of the kitchen, though more design details are being seen on islands. Texture is also being used to add interest, along with metal accents to add subtle interest, while interiors become more sophisticated, with a space for everything, and integrated lighting to enhance visual access.

Below are some of the latest trends in kitchen cabinets right now.

–From classic white and shades of grey to blues, greens and beige tones, painted cabinets are all the rage, outpacing stains.

–The trend toward painted finishes also impacts material choices, with the easily painted maple in high demand, while rift-cut oak and walnut are also popular choices.

–Style wise, transitional looks with clean, flat lines remains in vogue, with simple and elegant proportions and details.

–Technology continues to impact cabinetry, most notably in internal components that add convenience such as integrated lighting that improves visual access.

–Customized interior storage is helping consumers to best use their available space, with specific spaces assigned to everything from oversized pots and pans and spices to specialty appliances. Both open and closed storage are turning up in kitchens, along with floating shelves.

–Kitchen cabinets are also being creatively repurposed for surrounding spaces in the home, such as utility cabinets being used as bookcases.

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