Kitchen Faucets Spotlight Distinctive Designs & Finishes

Clean and contemporary, today’s kitchen faucets combine a stylish appearance with distinctive designs and finishes – not to mention upgraded technology to make the kitchen workstation more functional than ever.

While faucets seem to be trending a bit smaller, their impact remains huge – with eye-catching finishes and unique ways of showcasing water as part of the faucet’s design appeal.

Below are some of the hottest trends in kitchen faucets right now.

–Clean, sleek faucets with plenty of contemporary flair continue to be in demand in the kitchen, though as blended styles continue to gain ground, these contemporary faucets may feature traditional or modern elements, adding a distinctive look.

–Brushed gold and matte black are both strong contenders in the finish department, while black stainless is also making inroads.

–Distinctive specialty finishes are also seeing interest, with options ranging from bright brass, rustic brown and concrete grey to dual-finish faucets that match the color of the sink.

–Smaller profile faucets are increasingly vogue, with clean, slender designs that work for smaller kitchens, secondary work spaces or kitchens with low-hanging cabinetry. At the same time, high-arc faucets with pull-out or pull-down sprays still appeal to many homeowners.

–Technology continues to impact the kitchen faucet market with multiple spray options (including a high-power spray to remove food residue, and a low-power, water-saving spray or pause function to minimize waste), faucets that deliver a pre-programmed amount of water (to fill a specific glass, pot, dog bowl, etc.), tap, touch or wave on/off functionality and smart sensors that prevent accidental flooding.

–For those looking for a unique, upscale faucet that doubles as a piece of art, a selection of 3-D created models are turning up where intricate design and open waterways make a dramatic statement.

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