Kitchen Sync

by Anita Shaw

As the functional workhorse of the kitchen, the sink plays a vital role in synchronizing the day-to-day workings of the space, requiring it to be highly durable and always up for heavy-duty use. At the same time, the kitchen sink can be a key design element that adds color, texture and visual interest, even as it facilitates food prep and clean-up.

Today’s hottest sink styles lean toward contemporary, but often include elements of both traditional and modern design. Clean lines remain on trend, while an ever-growing array of colors, textures and materials are coming into play.

Farmhouse sinks are all the rage, while larger, single-bowl sinks continue to outpace their double-bowl counterparts.

Below are some of the hottest trends in kitchen sinks right now.

— Farmhouse sinks have become increasingly trendy, often with a modern twist – instead of just cast iron, they may be made of quartz, fireclay or stainless steel.

— Contemporary styles such as rectangular shapes with clean, sharp edges are popular right now, echoing the clean lines of today’s trending kitchens.

— Textured materials remain in vogue, played out in myriad ways from industrial-looking concrete to hand-hammered copper and everything in between.

— Color is making inroads in the kitchen sink market, with classic stainless steel being joined by concretes and grays, as well as matte black and shades of brown. There’s even some interest in shades of blue, yellow and green as an alternative to standard white fireclay.

— Spacious single-bowl sinks ranging from 30”-34” are in demand for their ability to easily accommodate large pots and pans.

–Consumers are increasingly becoming enamored of the sink as part of a multifunctional work center. For that reason, accessories like basin racks, cutting boards and colanders are in high demand.

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