Light It Up

Once an afterthought in kitchen and bath design, lighting has, in recent years, become an integral part of the overall design process. The concept of a few cans and a larger chandelier over the dining area has given way to items such as statement-making pendants over the island and LED strips that allow for lighting under cabinets, in toe kicks, on display shelving and so much more.

While function is key with regard to the placement of light fixtures, the myriad designs, colors and styles now available allows for choosing just the right piece to complete an overall look. Whether the design of the space is traditional, industrial, farmhouse or contemporary, there are pendants, sconces and chandeliers to fit the bill.

Some of the key trends in today’s lighting design include:

• Industrial-style light fixtures, especially in matte black, are trending heavily and feature elements such as cage designs, see-through mesh and Edison-look bulbs.

• Strong geometric shapes are among the most popular looks right now, with sharp squares, cylinders and orbs garnering attention.

• Light fixtures are doubling as sculptural art pieces in many designs, especially with the advent of flexible LED lighting.

• Strip and puck LED lighting is allowing for functional as well as statement-making illumination, including inside and under cabinets, behind mirrors and lining shelves.

• Color is making an impact in painted pendants, glass colors and shades, providing unexpected hues within a room’s design.

• Technology has become a major force, with many fixtures connecting with home automation systems for optimal control.


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