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Lighting Up the Kitchen

Once the purview of specialized lighting designers, lighting has moved into the mainstream, with spectacular fixtures that act as a focal point of the room, while LEDs and app-controlled lighting enhance visual access to even the most hidden spaces.

Recognizing the importance of showing their designs in the best possible light, kitchen designers are becoming increasingly lighting-savvy, helped by new technology that offers improved options for use throughout the  kitchen.

Below are some of the hottest trends in lighting right now.

— Designers are upgrading their kitchen projects with layers of lighting that allow the spaces to be showcased in the best possible light, regardless of time of day or night. At the same time, new technology allows homeowners to automate their lighting, adjust it to their mood or even “remember” favorite lighting configurations, adding one more level of personalization to the kitchen.

— While today’s kitchens continue to favor clean lines and simple designs, eye-catching lighting fixtures are increasingly being used to offer a dramatic focal point to the space.

–Clear pendant lights, unusual geometric fixtures and refined industrial looks are all trending in the kitchen right now.

–Lighting fixtures are increasingly favoring mixed metals, with many lighting companies showcasing fixtures that blend two or three different metal finishes.

— LEDs have been a game changer for the lighting industry, allowing for the placement of functional lighting in all kinds of hidden spaces, from toekick lighting and undercabinet lighting to cabinet/drawer interior lighting that turns on and off automatically when the door or drawer is opened or closed.

— Dimmers are becoming standard for lighting today, allowing homeowners to customize their lighting to their needs, mood and time of day.


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