Master Bath Becomes Home Spa


This narrow Corvallis, OR-master bath was providing anything but a relaxing experience for its owners, who craved a home spa atmosphere with aspects of high technology. Another challenge that posed a problem was designing a shower with multiple water sources for an “entire body water massage” while preventing water leakage through the glass doors and not exceeding the maximum water output capacity of the drainage system.


Brian Egan of Corvallis Custom Kitchens and Baths was tasked with creating a luxurious, spa-like retreat for his clients. The objectives included enlarging the bathroom and adding a shower with a steam unit, chromatherapy, sport sprays and music. Additionally, the owners wanted a jetted tub for two with room for martini glasses to be able to drink while watching TV or listening to the built-in music system when soaking. Egan’s new design removed an entire wall, opening the bathroom into an adjacent storage area, adding floor space for the requested shower, jetted tub and entertainment system. He also put in a large mirror in the vanity area to create the illusion of a larger space. To solve the shower issue, Egan incorporated special flanges on the hinged shower door to prevent leakage and a linear floor drain with multiple drainage outlets. Egan also put digital interfacing into the overall design so that the owners could control lighting and music from a 20″ module in the shower or with a waterproof tablet. A touchless toilet with LED nightlight and deodorizer added that extra “techie” flair. Finally, the clients requested natural stone flooring, but wanted to ensure that it remained a warm surface. To comply, the tile floor was overlaid with a radiant heat system with towel warmers adding an extra touch of warm luxury.

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