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by Ashley Lapin Olian


Collaboration with Stephanie Pellatt, Pivot Design
Corian Glacier White (perimeter)
Carrara marble (island)

Photo: Valerie Wilcox

Photo: Valerie Wilcox

Tammaro and Karachok’s clients were looking for a modern, functional kitchen that complemented the aesthetic of the new modern addition. As such, the duo added walnut accents to the cabinetry to add warmth and connect the new space with the slightly more traditional original wing of the house. “By adding the birdcage light fixtures over the island, it added an essence of whimsy that the space was calling for,” says Karachok.

When it came to selecting countertop materials, their clients greatly disliked seeing seams, so they recommended Corian Glacier White for the perimeters. “Corian offers a near seamless look while maintaining a solid surface with a natural or matte finish,” notes Tammaro. “We mixed this white perimeter surface with a modestly veined Carrara marble in areas where we did not require seams. This added a beautiful, subtle pattern and texture to the space and added another layer of interest.”



Formica Group 180fx Travertine Silver laminate (island/perimeter)

Photo: John G Wilbanks Photography

Photos: John G Wilbanks Photography

These Travertine Silver laminate countertops offer the look of silver travertine, without the maintenance associated with the natural stone.

“Real silver travertine isn’t well-suited for kitchens,” Dent says. “But this laminate, which has a true-to-scale pattern, mimics the real stone. When you walk into the room, the island pops and makes it a focal point of the space.”

Photo: John G Wilbanks Photography

Dent finished the edges with IdealEdge in a 45-degree beveled bullnose profile for a finished look, “without a glue line,” she says, adding that while she included a drop-in sink, this laminate can also be used with an undermount model.

The laminate also fit within her client’s more petite budget. “They wanted a kitchen that was lighter and brighter and had more storage,” she says, noting that they removed a wall to make the space larger and improve traffic flow. “Using laminate for the countertops is a great example of what can be accomplished without a large budget.”

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