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by Ashley Lapin Olian


Neolith Iron Corten (island)

Lapitec Grigio Cemento (perimeter)

Photo: Julie Mannell Photography

Photos: Julie Mannell Photography

When Morris discussed countertop material choices with her client, one challenge was finding something that complemented the existing concrete flooring while showcasing a modern industrial design style and elements of nature.

Photo: Julie Mannell Photography

“Everything my client showed me was rustic, industrial spaces,” she says. “I needed to find a way to pull the rust color into the design, while bringing together all the ideas she presented from a variety of storyboards.”

The logical choice proved to be 12mm Neolith Iron Corten in a satin finish, which she repeated as the ventilation hood façade.

“There are a lot of different textures in the space,” she says, drawing attention to the custom gray-stained oak cabinets and reclaimed wood island base, floating shelves and beams. “Finding continuity was important.”

Morris complemented the perimeter with 3cm Lapitec Grigio Cemento, also in a satin finish. “My client loves its color and initially she wanted to do the entire kitchen in the Lapitec,” she says. “But its dark color would have been too much for the space, so the addition of the Neolith helps to lighten it up.”



Dekton Aura (island)
Caesarstone Piatra Grey (island, perimeter)

Photo: Eymeric Widling

Photos: Eymeric Widling

Initially, the selection of Dekton Aura as the raised island in the kitchen was driven by the desire for a marble look for the fireplace in the living room, which shares space with the kitchen and dining room.

Photo: Eymeric Widling

“We needed a product that could tolerate heat from the fireplace and also be book-matched for a striking central feature,” explains Adams. “To create a relationship with the kitchen, we opted to also use it on the island, as well as on the opposing custom dining room buffet. Because Dekton is so resilient to heat and stains, it was an ideal countertop material choice for achieving the marble look, without having to use natural marble.”

Mitered edges mimic the through-body profile of natural stone, while waterfall edges provide a sleek and clean contemporary look.

Adams offset the high-gloss white cabinetry with dark Caesarstone Piatra Grey quartz. Its polished surface offers a complementary juxtaposition with the matte finish of the Dekton.

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