Media Room

by [email protected]

Westridge Builders
Waukesha, Wis.

Project name: Custom Media Room
Project location: Delafield, Wis.

This theater room is part of an expansive lower level that has a focus on entertainment. The room has eight theater seats plus two bankette couches for more casual watching. The theater is sunken and tiered to give maximum visibility to everyone inside the theater room as well as outside of the room in the bar area. Specialty woods like albacore, walnut, bird’s-eye maple and bubinga give a rich feel to the inside of the theater. Draperies, subtle lighting and soft carpeting add to the luxury theater experience.

Sound from the theater is an issue when entertaining in other parts of the home. Also, there must be proper clearance of the railings and chair tops so everyone watching the movies can see perfectly with no obstructions. The living room is directly above the theater so special sound-deadening techniques were used. The ceiling is a concrete product called Spancrete which virtually eliminates noise above the theater. On the inside walls, solid-core foam insulation was used to contain the sound. Another area where special attention was paid was making sure the theater chairs, when reclined, gave a clear sightline over the railings to the screen.

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