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by HDAv

After years of looking at “naked,” frameless mirrors, Lisa Huntting decided to do something about it. She invented the MirrorMate frames and founded a company to share her invention with everyone else.

In the March issue of Qualified Remodeler, we brought you MirrorMate and its mirror framing solution. This line of high-quality custom-cut frames is specially designed to adhere directly to the mirror currently on the wall. Easy to assemble, the pretaped frame is installed in a matter of minutes and gives the entire bathroom an up-to-date, finished look. Importantly, the custom transformation comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional framing or purchasing a whole new mirror.

“The impetus for the invention was that I moved into a house in Charlotte with four naked mirrors with the clips showing and they really bugged me,” says Lisa Huntting, president, founder and inventor of MirrorMate. “I’m also an avid HGTV watcher and I was watching a show where they said they were going to frame a mirror. They went to a home store, bought some molding, cut it, then dug out the back to cover over where the clips are, painted it and glued it up. I thought there’s just got to be a better way.”

Started in June 2004, MirrorMate custom cuts every frame from the mirror measurements since there are no standard mirror sizes. The frames come in a kit and are easily put together with connectors that are pressed into the back of the frame. The frames are pretaped so that they adhere to the glass. These custom frames will fit on any mirror whether the mirror runs into the backsplash or into a wall. It doesn’t matter because MirrorMate will fit any square or rectangular mirror.

“Not only is the product unique, but we want it to go with just about any style of decorating, whether it’s very modern or traditional,” explains Huntting. MirrorMate comes in over 40 styles in both metallic and wood-look finishes.

Up next for the company, MirrorMate just released its Pizzazz Mirror Tiles that come in medium and large sizes. The idea behind Pizzazz is to cluster several of them together for an alternative artistic look. Available in one of 35 frame styles, these decorative mirrors are affordably priced and make a great alternative to traditional wall art — adding visual interest and reflecting homeowners’ individual style and décor.

“You wouldn’t buy a piece of art and hang it on the wall without framing it first because it just doesn’t look finished,” adds Huntting. “MirrorMate gives the room that finished look.”

For more information go to www.mirrormate.com, or For more info please indicate #80 on e-Inquiry.

Comparative Companies:

  • Mirrorscapes Mirror Frames from Moen are available in a variety of metallic and wood finishes to coordinate with faucets, accessories and cabinetry. For more info please indicate #120 on e-Inquiry.
  • Cardinal Shower Enclosures offers metal mirror frames in eight styles to match the shower’s frame. For more info please indicate #121 on e-Inquiry.

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