MSI & Spectrum Quartz Enter Joint Venture to Build Manufacturing Facility

ORANGE, CA — MSI has announced the establishment of a joint venture with Spectrum Quartz to create the leading quartz slab manufacturing production facility in the U.S.

In May 2019, Spectrum Quartz, which is part of Hirsch Glass Corp., announced its intent to build a quartz manufacturing plant on a 42-acre site in Latta, SC. MSI and Spectrum Quartz subsequently discussed combining the manufacturing expertise of Spectrum Quartz with the financial backing and sales and distribution network of MSI.

The team has been working over the past several months to transform the existing 360,000-sq.-ft. building into a state-of-the-art quartz manufacturing facility. The first two quartz lines were expected to begin their test production in late December, with commercial production expected in the first quarter of 2020. Two additional lines will be operational shortly thereafter, with ample space for further expansion. The venture is expected to create hundreds of jobs and give a significant boost to the economies of Latta and Dillon County, SC as a whole.

According to Rup Shah, president of MSI: “The future for quartz manufacturing in the United States is very bright. The demand for quartz continues to grow at double-digit rates as quartz takes substantial market share away from other countertop surfaces. Even with this investment in manufacturing, demand will continue to exceed supply for the foreseeable future.” He adds that the focus will be on producing colors that cater to the luxury segment of the market, expanding MSI’s selection of products. “We believe that the combination of Spectrum’s manufacturing expertise and MSI’s unparalleled sales and distribution capabilities will create the leading North American quartz manufacturer,” Shah said.

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