Nature-Inspired Blues & Greens

Color is making an impact on design, including the kitchen and bath. Homeowners are getting more confident in their choices, looking to personalize the spaces they have spent so much time in during the past year.

Venturing away from the whites and grays, consumers are looking to nature for their latest color cues – interested in bringing the calm and familiar of the outside world into their home. Natural colors and influences promote a sense of wellbeing, with wellness being the hottest home-design trend seen in years. Designers agree there is a decided tilt towards blue and green tones, seen as an adventurous yet safe departure from the traditional neutrals.

Following are some of the colorful trends being experienced in home design.

• Natural influences include the increased use of outside elements, such as woods, stone and muted earth tones.

• Bright pops of color seen in the woods, such as yellows and oranges on changing leaves and reds and greens of mosses and plants, are making their way indoors.

• The seashore is a major influence, with people surrounding themselves with the colors of the sand, surf and sky.

• While neutrals continue to be a mainstay, pops of color are creeping in everywhere in the kitchen, from veining on countertops and colorful islands, to backsplash tiles and bright-toned sinks.

• Appliances are the new color-focus in the kitchen, with white and neutral cabinets giving way to the focal point of brightly colored ranges and refrigerators.

• In the bath, vanities and freestanding tubs are joining tile as the way to add color to the space.


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