Neolith Program Cites Employees for COVID-19 Efforts

Castellón, Spain — Neolith, the Spanish-based supplier of sintered stone brand kitchen countertops, wall cladding and bathroom surfaces, has announced a program aimed at recognizing company employees responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company’s performance-based “Economic Reward” program will “reward the extraordinary effort shown by the Neolith team … highlighting how staff have risen to the challenges faced during the (coronavirus) lockdown,” the company said.

“Our staff is the lifeblood of the business, our ‘family’,” said Neolith CEO José Luis Ramón. “One of Neolith’s founding principles is its engagement with its workforce and ongoing support of the local community. This is, in turn, reciprocated by the Neolith team, as we have directly observed throughout the difficult times we, and the nation, have experienced over the past few weeks.”

As society returns to normal, Neolith will also be hosting a series of special and safe events to celebrate its workers, corporate officials said. Among them will be a “Family Day,” on which employees can bring their loved ones to visit the factory at a social gathering that will also feature entertainment, food and music. An “Extended Leadership Weekend” will also be organized at a special venue, where a select group of managers and directors will come together to define the brand’s ongoing strategy, Neolith officials added.

“All of this perfectly encapsulates the Neolith approach, promoting unity as a ‘small big company’, a global brand with a highly personal approach in which confidence, security and continuity remain core to everything we do,” said Ramón, adding that the company has also made a sizable monetary donation to three of the area’s major hospitals.


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